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Best Scottish drinks you should try

For a tired traveler like you, Scotland is the place for you to witness their picturesque landscapes and majestic mountains. Once your foot steps on Scottish soil, you would maximize immersing yourself in their culture when you’re in the quest of exploring a country.

Aside from going and looking at Scotland’s tourist destinations, it would only be a cherry on top to also eat and drink what the Scottish people usually take throughout the course of their everyday life. Yet, you might be wondering what is worth every penny.

For now, we will tackle about Scottish drinks! You wouldn’t want to waste your fruits of labor on an unsatisfying drink!


Scottish drinks you must try

Of course, this won’t do any justice if the famous national drink of Scotland isn’t on the list – Whisky! Scotland has five major whisky regions wherein have their own distinctive whisky taste and preferences. For a short detour, it’s worth your while to visit distilleries while in Scotland.

Another drink that has been around in Scotland’s long history is crafting beers. It is easy to catch one under your nose since Scotland’s bars and pubs serve this. If you have the knowledge to make fine beer, step into Stewart Brewery’s Craft Beer Kitchen or Drygate Brewery.


Proudly enough, Scotland is accountable for 70% of productions of gin in the United Kingdom. Don’t forget to take a whisk of Gordon’s or Hendricks which are the best-selling gins made in Scotland.

But if alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, Scotland has their “other national drink,” IRN BRU. It is a carbonated soft-drink that is served in more than 30 flavors; its taste is satisfyingly good that describing it is beyond words.

Once you had a taste of the best drinks Scotland has to offer, rest assured that your trip to Scotland will leave you having a relaxed and memorable vacation.

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