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About Scottish hospitality

Scotland, The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. It does sound like something out of a fictional story, right? It is quite daunting to hear but need not worry. Scotland is actually famous for their hospitality and kindness around the globe.

The reason why you have stumbled upon this thread might be because you’re thinking of going to Scotland or probably out of curiosity on how they live their lives. There is a lot to admire in Scotland: from their famous national Whisky drink up to their breathtaking valleys and gothic castles.


The Scottish culture

Scotland has given such a big contribution during the First World War by deploying 690,000 men to help and fight with the British Armed Forces. There were a lot of lives that perished during the war and up to this day. In commemoration of the lives lost during the war, memorials are set up in every village and town.

Although Scotland is famous for their kilts and bagpipes, the Scotland’s native animal is the unicorn! If you’re wondering why they chose a unicorn that you could only see in fables is because of what it symbolizes for purity and also authority; “Scots would fight to remain unconquered.”

There’s also been another attraction in Scotland that archeologists are still trying to wrap their heads around the phenomenon – the Standing Stones. The first people who settled in Scotland made this and up to this date, people could still witness these mysterious but magnificent pillars.


Preserved castles surrounded by thick, protective, tall walls also dotted the kingdom of Scotland which holds so much history. The fancy thing is, there are castles that you could actually stay in and immerse yourself in its lavish architecture and lifestyle.

There are still a lot of great things waiting for the unconquerable Scotland, and there are still a lot of things to know about. If you’re planning to visit the Scots, prepare to receive a mug of their fine whiskey and the hospitality of the people!

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